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Tips for Preparing for Post-secondary Transition

Given how complex the transition process is, it's important to keep in mind that there are steps students with disabilities and their families can take to make the process easier, and more successful.  With the support of the school, the case manager, and disability support services at the higher education institution of choice, students with disabilities can successfully launch into adulthood and into their post-secondary education by adhering to the following advice...

When to Start Transition Planning
What to Expect in College, What You
Skills You Need to Be Successful
What's In Your Toolbox?
Tips for Parents
Finding the "Best Fit"
2 year vs. 4-year
Disability Resource Center
Importance of Self-Advocacy
Navigating the First Semester

Navigating the Waters to Post-Secondary Education:
A Guide for Students with Disabilities & Parents about How to Prepare for Transition to Post-Secondary Education

by Rachel Z. Roth, M.Ed.

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